430.25-33 smilingly smelling

Finfria’s fairest, done in loveletters like a trayfulof cloudberry tartlets (ain’t they fine, mighty, mighty fine andhonoured?) and smilingly smelling, pair and pair about, broadby bread and slender to slimmer, the nice perfumios that camecunvy peeling off him (nice!) which was angelic simply, savouringof wild thyme and parsley jumbled with breadcrumbs (O nice!)and feeling his full fat pouch for him so tactily and jingalinghis jellybags for, though he looked a young chapplie of sixtine,they could frole by his manhood that he was just the killingestladykiller all by kindness,


¿a qué huele Jaun? y es de su barriga de lo que se está hablando? y si no es su barriga, qué es?

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