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“Joyce’s Dialogue Epiphanies.”“Inspiring Dante: The Reasons of Rhyme in Ulysses.”

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Editor: Margarita Estévez-Saá

General Editor: Francisco García Tortosa

Editorial Board: José A. Álvarez Amores, Derek Attridge, Jacques Aubert, Antonio Ballesteros, Morris Beja, Rosa Maria Bosinelli, Richard Brown, David Clark, David Hayman, L. Alberto Lázaro Lafuente, Ricardo Navarrete, David Norris, Mª Isabel Porcel García, Jean Michel Rabat, Fritz Senn, Jefferey Simons, José Mª Tejedor Cabrera, Weldon Thornton, Antonio R. de Toro Santos.



Papers on Joyce, an international double peer-reviewed journal published yearly by the Spanish James Joyce Society, is open to contributions in the field of Joycean studies. Reviews of recent books and news of academic events in the field will also be published. Contributions to Papers on Joyce must follow the latest MLA Style Manual and document sources by means of endnotes. Joyce’s works should be cited parenthetically and follow the abbreviations listed in the inside back cover of the James Joyce Quarterly ( Otherwise, document the edition cited in an endnote.

The next deadline for submissions is 31 JANUARY 2016

Send contributions and books for review to the editor at the following address: Margarita Estévez Saá (, Departamento de Filología Inglesa, Facultad de Filología, Avda. Castelao s/n, 15782 Santiago de Compostela (Spain).



All articles and book reviews undergo a double blind peer-review process carried out by members of the Editorial Board and by selected experts in Joyce’s studies. Papers on Joyce fulfils the criteria of scientific and editorial quality mentioned in the Appendix I of the Resolución del 25 de Octubre de 2005 (BOE nº 266, 7 de Noviembre de 2005). Articles published in Papers on Joyce are referred to, among others, in the following databases: MLA “Master List of Periodicals”; Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, 1920- (ABELL); IASIL Annual Bibliography; Current James Joyce Checklist (James Joyce Quarterly); Bibliography of European Journals for English Studies (BEJES); LATINDEX (Sistema Regional de Información para las revistas científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal); ISOC (Base de datos de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades del CSIC); Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory; MIAR (Matriú d’Informació per a l’Avaluació de Revistes); and the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH 2007, 2011) as well as ERIH PLUS index. 


4. FULL TEXT IN PDF FORMAT (of all but the last issue)


Papers on Joyce 19-20 (2013-2014)

-Editor’s Preface. i-ii.

Noemí Pereira-Ares. “‘Scrupulously and Meanly Dressed”: On the Function of Dress in Dubliners.” 1-16

Alison Lacivita.  “James Joyce & Growing Things.” 17-38.

Carmelo Medina Casado. “The Ulysses Prosecution in the U.K:.  A Collateral Casualty: Frank R. Leavis.” 39-54.

José Carregal Romero and María Teresa Caneda Cabrera. “Female Mobility and James Joyce’s “Eveline” and Colm Tóibin’s Brookling.” 55-74.

Olga Fernández Vicente. “Joyce and Baroja. Facing Modernism.” 75-110.

Francisco García Tortosa. “Echoes of Catalonia in Finnegans Wake.” 111-135.

María Luisa Venegas Lagüens. “George Egerton, James Joyce and the New Woman.” 137-169.

Jesús Isaías Gómez López. “Between the Ethics of Words and the Aesthetics of Ideas: The Shakespeare Crossroads in James Joyce’s Ulysses and in Aldous Huxleys’s Brave New World.” 171-194.

Margarita Estévez Saá . “Mary Lavin’s Joyce “Arrows in Flight : A Reappraisal of the Contribution to the Short Story”. 195-210.

José Manuel Estévez Saá. “Julia O’Faolain’s Joycean Portraits of Young Irish Artists in Godded and Codded.” 211-227.


“A Journey into History and Language”: Interview with Francisco García Tortosa. Olga Fernández Vicente.  229-242.

“Far-fetched byConstitution:” Conversation with Fritz Senn.  Erica Mihálycsa and Jolanta Wawrzycka. 243-317.


Gayle Rogers. Modernism and the New Spain: Britain, Cosmopolitan Europe and Literary History. Ricardo Navarrete Franco. 319-324.

Benjamin Boysen.  The Ethics of Love: An Essay on James Joyce.  Carmelo Medina Casado.


Papers on Joyce 17-18 (2011-2012)

-Editor’s Preface. i.

1. Joyce’s Work and/in History
-M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera. “The Translational Poetics of Extraterritorial Joyce.” 3-18.
-Jose Manuel Estevez Saá. “Famine, Ghosts and Trauma in James Joyce’s Works.”  19-34.
-Teresa Iribarren i Donadeu. “James Joyce in Catalonia at the End of the 20th Century: High Culture and Popular Culture.” 35-52.
-Maria Jesús Lorenzo Modia. “James Joyce and his Female Predecessors.”53-78.
-Jefferey Simons. “Credible Resonance.79-100.
-Antonio Raúl de Toro Santos. “Pilgrim Shadows in Joyce’s Work.” 101-116.

2. Joyce’s Works and/in Literature
-Jose M. Tejedor Cabrera. “The Numbers of Chamber Music.”117-144.
-Cristina Iglesias. ““Eveline” and “Las medias rojas”: Joyce, Emilia Pardo Bazán, and the Emigration Question.”  145-158.
-Laura M. Lojo Rodríguez. “Joyce’s Long Shadow”: Éilís Ní Dhuibhne’s Short Fiction.” 159-178.
-Alfred Markey.“Little Chandler’s Celtic Twilight: Joyce, Arnold and the Rebel Tradition.” 179-202.
-Jorge Sacido Romero. “The Boy’s Voice and Voices for the Boy in Joyce’s “The Sisters”.” 203-242.
-Margarita Estevez Saá & Noemí Pereira-Ares. “We’ll simply have to dress the character”: Dressed Bodies Do Matter in James Joyce’s Ulysses.” 243-268.
-Rafael I. García León. “‘Mercury’s hat’ (U 1.601): Joyce’s Ulysses and Its Traces in J. M. Guelbenzu’s El Mercurio. “269-278.
-Richard Barlow. “Joyce’s Burns Night: The Poetry of Robert Burns in Finnegans Wake.”  279-312.
-Olga Fernández Vicente & Richard Jorge. “Creativity and Exodus: The Basque Imprint in Finnegans Wake. “313-332.
-Francisco García Tortosa. “Finnegans Wake in Retrospective.” 333-348.
-Márcia Lemos. “’Every Telling Has a Tailing’: Narrative vs. Narrativity in Finnegans Wake. “ 349-370.
-Ricardo Navarrete Franco. “Joyce’s Last Period.”  371-384.

Review Essay
-Guillermo Sanz Gallego. New Trends and Methodology in Intertextuality: On Joyce and Flaubert. 385-392.

XXIV Conference of the Spanish James Joyce Society Barcelona, April 24-25, 2013. 393.
Zürich James Joyce Foundation: Workshop on “Newspapers”. 394.

Papers on Joyce 16 (2010)

-Editor’s Preface.
-Francisco García Tortosa. “Dawn and Sundown of Anna Livia: A Genetic Approach.” 1-18.
-Gerald E. P. Gillespie. “Why Joyce Is and Is Not Responsible for the Quark in Contemporary Physics.” 19-28.
-Jim LeBlanc. “Agoraphobia in James Joyce’s ‘Eveline’.” 29-48.
-Marcia Lemos. “Finnegans Wake and the Art of Punishing the English Language.” 49-66.
-Teresa Louro. “Trafficking in the Wrong Costume: Cross-dressing in ‘Circe’.” 67-80.
-Carmelo Medina Casado. “The Earliest Translations of Joyce’s Ulysses.” 81-92.
-Ricardo Navarrete Franco. “Boots in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.”  93-109.
-Benigno del Rio Molina.“Joyce between Montaigne and Shakespeare: Caliban, Cannibals and Creaturely Men.” 110-121.
-Eunice Rojas. “Madness as Redemption in ‘Circe’.”123-137.
-Guillermo Sanz Gallego.“Interpreting the Trauermarsch in ‘Hades’. “139-150.
-Vanessa Silva Fernandez. “Joyce’s Other Portraits.”  151-167.

Review Essay:
-Noemí Pereira Ares. John McCourt. ed., Roll Away the Reel World: James Joyce and Cinema 169.

Dublin James Joyce Journal 177.
A Guide Through “Finnegans Wake” 179.


Papers on Joyce 15 (2009)
-Editor’s Preface. 1.
-Francisco García Tortosa. “On Influence and Joyce.” 1-16.
-John Hobbs.  “Are Joyce’s Dubliners Paralyzed? A Second Opinion.” 17-29.
-Anne McCarthy.“‘Cityful Passing Away”: Joyce’s Version of Mutability Contrasted with Mangan’s ‘The World’s Changes’.” 31-47
-Sherry Little. “Eroding Structural Borders in Dubliners: The Figure of Woman as Unifying Pattern.” 47-72
-Benigno del Río Molina. “Fulgens, Singularis, Sacra: The Many Facets of Beauty in ‘Nausicaa’.” 73-92.
-Jefferey Simons.  “Spanish Verse Brought to Light in the Cornell Joyce Collection.” 93-114.

Review Essays:
-Teresa Caneda Cabrera. Carlos Gamerro, “Ulises”. Clave de lectura. Instrucciones para perderse en el laberinto más complejo de la literatura universal. 115.
-Jose Miguel Alonso Giráldez. María Luz Suárez Castiñeira, Asier Altuna García de Salazar and Olga Fernández Vicente, eds., New Perspectives on James Joyce. 121.
-Jose Miguel Alonso Giráldez Teresa Caneda Cabrera, Vanessa Silva Fdez and Martín Urdiales Shaw, eds., Vigorous Joyce. Atlantic Readings of James Joyce. 131.

Reports & News
-Rubén Jarazo Alvarez James Joyce Espainiako Elkartearen XX. Topaketak , 23-25 April, 2009 20th Conference of the Spanish James Joyce Society. 139.
-Vanessa Silva Fernandez Thirteenth Annual Trieste Joyce School, Trieste, 28 June – 4 July, 2009.145.
Zürich James Joyce Foundation “TransWork,” Workshop on specific translation issues, May 8 – 12, 2010. 151.
Zürich James Joyce Foundation “Nurturing Joyce”, Zürich Workshop, August 1 – 6, 2010.153.

Reseña en El Correo Gallego.


Papers on Joyce 14 (2008)
Editors’ Preface

-Jacques Aubert. “On Translating Ulysses into French”. 1-6
-Idlir Azizi.“Interior Monologues of a Ulysses Translator” 7-12
-Katarzyna Bazarnik. “Images of Femininity in “Calypso”. A Case Study of Two Polish Translations”. 13-26
-Francisco García Tortosa. “The Backdrop of Translating Ulysses”. 27-38
-András Kappanyos.“At the End of One’s Witz. (Translation Theory – And Some Practice)” 39-50
-Alberto Lázaro. “The History of the First Catalan Ulysses, by J.F. Vidal Jové”. 51-70
-Joaquim Mallafré. “Translating Ulysses”  71-84
-Arleen Ionescu and Laurent Milesi. “The ‘Experience’ of Ulysses in Romanian”. 85-114
-Iglika Vassileva.“2004: Ulysses for the First Time in the Bulgarian Language” . 115-124
-Jolanta Warwzycka. “‘A stride at a time’ (U 3.11): Thoughts on Translating Critical Readings of Ulysses” . 125-135


Ruth Frehner. From Àulas to Yurishiisu: Ulysses in Translation at the Zürich Joyce Foundation. 137-149


Teresa Caneda Cabrera. Ida Klitgard, Fictions of Hybridity: Translating Style in James Joyce’s “Ulysses”.151-156
José Manuel Estévez-Saá. James Joyce in Context, edited by John McCourt. 157-164
Vanessa Silva Fernández. Irish Modernism and the Global Primitive, edited by Maria McGarrity & Claire Culleton. 165-170


David Clark. “The Spanish James Joyce Society Annual Conference”, Vigo, April 11-12, 2008. 171-175
Zürich James Joyce Foundation. “Musicillogical Joyce” International Workshop, August 2-8, 2009. 177-178



Papers on Joyce 13 (2007)
Editors’ Preface.
-Hobbs, John.“Joyce’s Dialogue Epiphanies.” 1-20.
-O’Neill, Patrick. “Onomastic Pleasures: Name Games in Dubliners .” PoJ Onomastic Pleasures -ONeill. 19-40 21-42.
-Baron, Scarlett. “Gnomonic Structures: Flaubert’s Trois Contes and Joyce’s Dubliners.” 43-60.
-Tejedor Cabrera, José Mª. “Variations on the Quincunx in “Grace”. 61-82.
-Caneda Cabrera, Teresa. “The Reconfiguration of Joyce across Cultures: Two Different Portraits of A Portrait.” 83-98.
-Torresi, Ira. “Domesticating or Foreignizing Foreignization? Joyce Translation as a Test for Venuti’s Theories.” 99-112.
-Waldrigues Galindo, Caetano. “The Oxen of Joyce.”132-36.

Joyce and/in Translation, edited by Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli & Ira Torresi. Vanessa Silva Fernández. 137
Joycean Murmoirs. Fritz Senn on James Joyce, edited by Christine O’Neill. Carmelo Medina Casado. 143
Estudios Joyceanos en Gran Canaria: Joyce “In His Palms,” edited by Santiago J. Heríquez Jiménez & Carmen Martín Santana. María del Pilar González de la Rosa 149

18th Meeting of the Spanish James Joyce Society, Seville, April 2007 Maria Isabel Porcel García. 155
“Guided Reading” of Ulysses, A Coruña, July 2007. David Clark. 163
The James Joyce Graduate Conference, Rome, February 2008.Enrico Terrinoni. 167
Zürich International Workshop: errears & erroriboose. August 3-9, 2008. Zürich James Joyce Foundation. 171

Contributors 173


Papers on Joyce 12 (2006)
Note of Gratitude 1
Editors’ Preface. 3
-Sayers, William. “Best the Mythographer, Dinneen the Lexicographer: Muted Nationalism in ‘Scylla and Charybdis’”. 7-24
-Río Molina, Benigno del. “From Iconophagy to Anthropophagy: Cannibalising Images in Ulysses.” 25-43
-Sigler, Amanda. “Movement and Identity in “Cyclops”: Reevaluating Ulysses’s Correspondence to Its Homeric Urtext.” 45-61
-Hobbs, John.““Reading It for Ourselves”: Dialogical Implication in Joyce’s Exiles.” 63-83
-García León, Rafael I. “Richard Ford’s Gatherings from Spain and Joyce: A Possible Source for Some Spanish Words in Ulysses.” 85-92
-Sool, Reet. “’Inked Characters Never Fading.’” 93-102.
-Boysen, Benjamin. “The Gift of Negativity: The Theme of Love in James Joyce’s Exiles .” 103-21.

ADDENDUM: On a Frankly Political Note Archie K. Loss 123

Proust, Mann, Joyce in the Modernist Context by Gerard Gillespie. Alberto Lázaro 127.
Polyglot Joyce: Fictions of Translation, by Patrick O’Neill., by Patrick O’Neill. M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera 133.
The Scallop of Saint James, An Old Pilgrim’s Hoard: Reading Joyce from the Peripheries / Leyendo a Joyce desde las Periferias,  edited by Susana Domínguez Pena, Margarita Estévez Saá, and Anne MacCarthy, by Ricardo Navarrete Franco 139.

Notes on Contributors 145


Papers on Joyce 10 – 11 (2004 – 2005)
Editors’ Preface. 1
-Aubert, Jacques. “The Letter: From Lacan to Joyce and Back.” 7-14
-Beck, Harald and Clive Hart with maps by Ian Gunn. “Sunwise: The Sun in Ulysses .” 15-28.
-Beja, Morris. “The Seim Anew: Time, Memory, and Identity in Joyceand Modernist Literature. ” 29-44.
-Van Boheemen-Saaf, Christine. “Shape and Satisfaction: The Figure of the Aged Penelopein Dickens and Joyce.” 45-56.
-Bowen, Zack. “Libretto for the Hibernian Meistersinger: Ulysses as Opera.” 57-70.
-Brivic, Sheldon.“Devout Negation in ‘Araby’.”71-77.
-Hayman, David. “Sebastian Joyce?” 79-83.
-Henke, Suzette. “Joyce’s Naughty Nausicaa: Gerty MacDowell Refashioned.” 85-103.
-Lernout, Geert. “A Horrible Example of Free Thought: God in Stephen’sUlysses.” 105-42.
-Levitt, Morton P. “The Greatest Jew of All”: James Joyce, Leopold Bloomand the Modernist Archetype.”143-62.
-Loss, Archie K. “The Censor Swings Again: Freedom of Inquiryand the Principle of Suppression.”163-68.
-Melchiori, Giorgio.“Joyce and Eternity: From Dante to Vico.”169-83.
-Rabaté, Jean-Michel. “Joyce and Jarry ‘Joyeux’.” 185-95.
-Rathjen, Friedhelm. “TOTALITY.ZIP: How Melville, Joyce, and Beckett Unzip the World.” 197-208.
-Senn, Fritz. “Joycean Refractions: Around Several Corners.”209-39.

Book Reviews
Review of Guía a “Dublineses” de James Joyce, by José María Tejedor Cabrera. Margarita Estévez Saá. 241-43.
Review of Joyce y España. Rafael I. García León. 245-48.

Notes on Contributors 249-52
The Spanish James Joyce Society Annual Meetings, 1990-2005. 253


Papers on Joyce 9 (2003)
-Navarrete Franco, Ricardo. “Brothers at War in the Wake: The Iberian Battle of the Languages.” 7-18.
-Smith, Eric D. “The Mimetic ‘Spirit of Denial’: Buck Mulligan and the Cultural Limits of Mockery.” 19-33.
-Toro Santos, Antonio Raúl de. “The Final ‘Yes’ in Ulysses and Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.” 35-40.
-García Ramírez, Paula.“Did Stephen Dedalus Reincarnate in Buddha’s Son?”. 41-57.
-Sullan, Sara. “Inspiring Dante: The Reasons of Rhyme in Ulysses.” 59-67.
-Redondo Olmedilla, José Carlos. “The Modern Middle Ages in James Joyce: From Medieval Bestiaries to the United Field in Ulysses.” 69-79.
-Venegas Caro de la Barrera, José Luis. “Erratic Encyclopedias: Ulysses and the Analitical Language of John Wilkins.” 81-98.
-Senn, Fritz. “20 Years—Zürich James Joyce Foundation.”99-101.

-Mª Teresa Caneda. Alberto Lázaro.La estética modernista como práctica de resistencia en “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” 103-105.
-María Isabel Porcel García and Antonio Ballesteros González. Interrelaciones de los personajes en “Ulysses” de James Joyce. 107-111
-Nazareth García Seijas and Teresa Sixto Rey. Silverpowdered Olivetrees: Reading Joyce in Spain, edited by Jefferey Simons, José María Tejedor, Margarita Estévez Saá and Rafael I. García León. 113-116.


Papers on Joyce 7-8 (2001 – 2002)

Editor’s Preface (Carmelo Medina Casado). 1-4.
-García Tortosa, Francisco. “Tracing the Origins of Spanish in Joyce: A Sourcebook for the Spanish Vocabulary in Buffalo Notebook VI.B.23″ 5-15.
-Senn, Fritz. “Retrosemantics: How Understanding Trails Behind.” 17-43.
-Attridge, Derek. “From Finnegans Wake to The Striker: Morphing Language in James Joyce and Caril Churchill.” 45-53.
-García León, Rafael I. and Francisco Javier Quintana Álvarez. “Bullfighting in Ulysses.” 55-66.
-MacCarthy, Anne. “A Study of the Sources for James Joyce’s Essays on James Clarence Mangan.” 67-79.
-Natali, Ilaria. “Waking Joyce’s Pomes.” 81-88.
-Estévez Saá, Margarita. “The Spectre of Joyce’s ‘Inartistic’ Portraits of the Artist.” 89-120.
-Pérez Simón, Andrés. “Borges’ Writings on Joyce: From a Mythical Translation to a Polemical Defence of Censorship.” 121-137.
-Porcel García, Mª Isabel. “Nymphs/Nymphets/Lolitas in James Joyce’s Ulysses.”139-160.
-Lázaro, Alberto. “James Joyce’s Poetry and the Spanish Holy Office.” 161-175.
-Gula, Marianna. “From Cuchlin to “The Man in the Gap”: Hero-Worship in the “Cyclops” Episode of James Joyce’s Ulysses.” 177-223.


Papers on Joyce 6 (2000)

-Bigatel-Abeniacar, Bridget L. “Nausicaa: A Question of Duality.” 3-8.
-García León, Rafael I. “‘Books You Were Going to Write With Letters as Titles’; Writing as a Failure in Ulysses.” 9-15.
-Gómez López. Jesús Isaías. “From Finnegans Wake to Passages from Finnegans Wake: The James Joyce that Mary Ellen Bute Read.” 17-31.
-León Távora, Ana. “‘What Can’t Be Coded Can Be Decorded’: Ciphering and Codification in Finnegans Wake.” 33-38.
-Mac Carthy, Anne. “The Reputation of James Joyce in Early Twentieth-Century Irish Writing.” 39-48.
-Rademacher, Jörg W. “‘The Other Side of the Street’: Reinhard Jirgl’s Abschied von den Feinden Read Through Ulysses And Italo Svevo’s ‘L’Avvenire dei Ricordi’.” 49-58.
-Rathjen, Friedhelm. “What Happened to Joyce In Galway and Connemara?: An Attempt to Baedekerize James Joyce.” 59-65.
-Venegas Caro de la Barrera, José Luis. “Berkeley’s Mental Monism and James Joyce’s Conception of Authorship: The Narrator-Character fron A Portrait to ‘Proteus’.” 67-79.

Luis Alberto Lázaro. Carlos G. Santa Cecilia. La recepción de Joyce en la prensa española (1921-1976). Sevilla: PUS, 1997. 348 pp. 81-83.


Papers on Joyce 5 (1999)

-Clark, David. ““A Joyce Tae Prick Ilka Pluke”: Joyce and the Scottish Renaissance.” 3-12.
-León Távora, Ana. “Deriding the Exotic: Techniques of Defamiliarization in Joseph Conrad, Ernest Hemingway, and James Joyce.” 13-21.
-Navarrete Franco, Ricardo. “The Apparition of One Sir Ghostus.” 23-34.
-Ortiz, José M. and Emer Moroney. “A Contribution to Joyce’s Ulysses Using the Notion of the Hypertext: The Spanish Poet León Felipe on the Revisionist Literary Stance of Joyce and Cervantes.” 35-49.
-Porcel García, María Isabel. “Gretta Conroy: The Dead Woman/The Dead One?.” 51-65.
-Rademacher, Jörg W. “Does History Consist of the Biographies of Great Men? Parallel Irish Lives Scrutinised and Contextualised: Collins, Joyce, and Company.” 67-90.
-Simons, Jefferey. “The Not-So-Ugly Duckling of the Joyce Oeuvre”. 91-106.
-Tronch Pérez, Jesús. “Editing Ulysses in the Current Debate of Textual Criticism.” 111-116.

-Marisol Morales Ladrón. Joyce en España II. Ed. Francisco García Tortosa y Antonio Raúl de Toro Santos. La Coruña: Universidade da Coruña, 1997. Colección: Cursos, congresos y simposios ISBN84-89694-17-6. 117-119.

Papers on Joyce 4 (1998)

-León Távora, Ana. “Plagiarism, Reflection, and Process: A Preliminary Approach to the Uses of “Silence” in
Finnegans Wake. ” 3-17.
-Milesi, Laurent. “Dutch and Double Dutch Trouble Give in Finnegans Wake.” 19-24.
-Rathjen, Friedhelm. “Chancelation and Transincidence: How to Deal with Coincidentals in Translating Finnegans Wake.” 25-28.
-Sánchez Calle, M. Pilar. “Lives of Girls and Women: Female Characters in Dubliners.” 29-40.
-Simons, Jefferey. “Lyric on the Lips: Death upon the Tongue.” 41-59.
-Vanderbeke, Dirk. “Man into Woman into Swine: Transformations in Joyce’s Ulysses and the Odyssey.” 61-66.
-Wawrzycka, Jolanta W. “Apotheosis, Metaphor, and Death: John Huston’s The Dead Again. ” 67-74.


Papers on Joyce 3 (1997)

-García León, Rafael I. “Reading Ulysses at a Gallop” 3-8.
-Kershner, R. Brandon. “Modernism and Popular Culture: Joycean and Eliotic Examples.” 9-19.
-Lartduyt, Ingeborg. “Shaun and His Post: La poste et les moyens de communication in VI.B.16″  21-48.
-Aguilera Linde, Mauricio D. “Carlyle in Ulysses.” 49-56.
-Milesi, Laurent. “”In-Law and Out-Lex: Some Linguistic Aspects of “Barbarity” and Nationalism in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.” 57-71.

-María Jesús Lorenzo Modia. “James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man
(Retrato del artista adolescente)
. Ed. José Antonio Álvarez Amorós. 73-74.
-Antonio Ballesteros González. Jörg Rademacher’s James Joyce’s Other Image: Essays in Joyce’s Criticism. 74-77.


Papers on Joyce 2 (1996)

-Almagro Jiménez , Manuel. “To Be and (or?) Not to Be: Joyce’s Rewriting of Shakespeare.” 3-18.
-Chin, Sheon-Joo. “Aristotle’s Masterpiece: A Possible Source Book for the ‘Ithaca’ Episode of Ulysses.” 19-24.
-Lázaro, Luis Alberto. “James Joyce and Juan Goytisolo: Echoes from Ulysses in Reivindicación del conde don Julián.” 25-33.
-Lernout, Geert. “Further Notes toward a Reading Proposal: Work in Progress and Finnegans Wake.” 35-38.
-MacCarthy, Anne. “Ireland Is the Old Sow that Eats Her Farrow.” 39-46.
-Morales Ladrón, Marisol. “The Impact of James Joyce on the Work of Juan Ramón Jiménez” 47-64.
-Pérez-Llantada Auría, Carmen. “Joyce’s Ulysses: A Writer’s Commitment to the (Scientific) Sign of the Times.” 67-77.
-Rademacher, Jörg. “Anglo-German Adolescent Portraits: Three Fictional Memoirs of the Hapsburg Empire: Robert Musil, James Joyce, and Ingeborg Bachmann.” 77-89.
-Rathjen, Friedhelm. “Thorne Smith in the Wake: Arno Schmidt’s Neglected Recommendation” 91-96.
-Rodríguez López-Vázquez, Alfredo. “Hamlet, Laforgue, and Joyce.” 99-104.
-Senn, Fritz. “Off the Mark: The Thematic Dispersion of “Hamarte”" 103-113.
-Slote, Sam. “Swerving Shores, Bendings Abeyed.” 115-123

-Geert Lernout. “Jörg Rademacher’s James Joyce’s Own Image:
Über die allmähliche Vefertigung der Begriffe ‘image’ Und ‘imagination’ bein Schreiben in “A Portrait” und “Ulysses”
. 125-126.


Papers on Joyce 1 (1995)

-Editorial Note. 3-5.-Ballesteros González, Antonio. “Metaliterary Parody in The Unfortunate Traveller and Ulysses.” 5-12.
-Benstock, Bernard. “Paname-Turricum and Tarry Easty: James Joyce’s Città Immediata.” 13-20.
-Carnero González, José. “Notes toward a Reading Proposal: WP and FW” 21-28.
-García León , Rafael I. “The ‘Chittering Waters’ of Bloom and Stephen” 29-38.
-Hayman, David. “‘The Pilsener Had the Baar’: HCE’s Sorry Case.” 39-52.
-Navarrete Franco, Ricardo. “Alliteration and Reading in Finnegans Wake.” 53-59.
-Senn, Fritz. “Hawlike Man?.” 61-66.
-Sullivan, David. “Answering Joyce’s Portrait.” 67-84.
-Toro Santos, Antonio Raúl de. “An Approach to the Influence of Joyce in Devalar.” 85-90
-Venegas Lagüens, Mª Luisa.“Dickens in Ulysses.” 91-98.

-David Hayman. The Arroyo/Ríos Edition of Ulysses. 99-104.
-José Carnero González. James Joyce’s “Anna Livia Plurabelle” (”Finnegans Wake” I.viii).
Trans. Francisco García Tortosa et al. 105-108.
-Stephen James Joyce. Joyce Images. Ed. Bob Cato and Greg Vitiello. 109-110.

“A Jejune Joycean”  by Jefferey Simons. 111.