441. 10-13

That was what stuck to the Comtesse Cantilene while she was sticking out Mavis Toffeelips to feed her soprannated huspals, and it is henceforth associated with her names. La Dreeping! Die Droopink! Eso (esas babas) es lo que se le pegó a la … [Leer más...]


Blesht she that walked with good Jook Humprey for he made her happytight. Go! You can down all the dripping you can dumple to, and buffkid scouse too ad libidinum, in these lassi- tudes if you've parents and things to look after.   Recuerdas las … [Leer más...]


Haul Seton's down, black, green and grey, and hoistMikealy's whey and sawdust. What's overdressed if underclothed?Poposht forstake me knot where there's white lets ope. Whisht!   Ropas? colores? Atención, que esto se pone guarro. Y este … [Leer más...]


When the gong goes for hornets-two-nest marriage stepinto your harness and strip off that nullity suit. Faminy, holdback! For the race is to the rashest of, the romping, jompingrushes of.   Cuando suenan campanas de nidos matrimoniales, … [Leer más...]


 Sooner than part with that vesta-lite emerald of the first importance, descended to me by far fromour family, which you treasure up so closely where extremesmeet, nay, mozzed lesmended, rather let the whole ekumeneuniverse belong to merry Hal and do … [Leer más...]