This is the gross proceeds of your teachings in which we were
raised, you, sis, that used to write to us the exceeding nice letters
for presentation and would be telling us anun (full well do we
wont to recall to mind) thy oldworld tales of homespinning and
derringdo and dieobscure and daddyho, these tales which reliter-
ately whisked off our heart so narrated by thou, gesweest, to
perfection, our pet pupil of the whole rhythmetic class and the
mainsay of our erigenal house, the time we younkers twain were
fairly tossing ourselves (O Phoebus! O Pollux!) in bed, having

432 UP
been laid up with Castor’s oil on the Parrish’s syrup (the night
we will remember) for to share our hard suite of affections with
Vaya, le dice cosas que nos resultan familiares. De  cartas o letras. Del padre. De qué mas?

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